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WELCOME to Galvin & Hom Consulting, LLC


What we do: Our services fall into two main categories, legal fee analysis and legal resource management consulting.

Where we do it: Although we are based in California, our clients are located throughout the United States. We can provide local references in most locations.

Legal Fee Analysis: We assist our clients in determining the reasonableness of attorneys fees and costs charged by their attorneys or by the prevailing party in cases where the fees are shifted by statute or contract. This type of analysis generally involves legal fee analysis.

Sometimes a client needs to know that the firms it retains are handling matters according to its instructions and in a cost effective manner. This type of analysis, not involving specific fee disputes, is called a due diligence bill review.

Legal Resources Management: We offer a broad range of services designed to evaluate our clients use of legal resources, both internal and external, identify areas requiring attention and provide detailed, workable solutions tailored to the clients requirements. Visit our consulting services page for more information.

Our Goal: We strive to preserve the bond of trust necessary for a healthy attorney-client relationship while ensuring that attorneys bill fairly and ethically.

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